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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What the fish

I remembered, had one time when my brother went to Sabah for a holiday, without asking my willingness, he appointed me to be the guardian of his pets. WHAT THE ???

Honestly, I don't own any pet. Specifically, I don't even have any favorite animal in my list. The reason is simple, because I have zero obsession towards animal. I'm allergic some more. I'm kinda like things rather than creatures. So, to all admirers outside there, please take note on this important point yaa. BHAHAHA..

Meet Bobby and Molly.

Even till now I don't know how to differentiate which one is Bobby and which one is Molly. The only thing that I expert is one of them is female and another one must be male based on the name given by the owner. Haha. Pathetic me.

My brother reminds me, at least 2 times a day feed them. Morning before off to work once, and at night before I take my dinner once. And you know, the next day I'm totally forgotten that I need to feed the fishes. After 20 minutes at office, then I realized that I didn't feed the fishes yet. Oh nooo, can they hold till I reached home. Damnn, I'm sure my brother gonna kills me if he knows that I'm neglecting his pets. Sorry, does not intend to.

But, you know what, I'm a good sister ( finger-blows ). Through WeChat, I told him the true story. I shared some pictures too, so that he can clearly see his fishes movements at that moment. 

He accept my apology and reminds me twice, not to repeat the same thing again. NOTED BRO ! Hewhew..

And this is the owner of that lovely fishes.

Luckily he knows how to repay my deeds and he gave me this ( yellow one ) as the souvenir from Sabah. Thanks babang ! I want more in the futureee. Hakhak..

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