In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working Ladies

It's almost 1 and a half months I've been appointed to be one of the team members, in one small international company (travel agency) in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, my life had been arranged perfectly by HIM. Something that never crossed my mind before. It's happened so fast. Even though, I went through with so much pain previously, ALLAH is always there by my side. HE do care and love me by giving something in return that was much more better, and now I'm really move on and I'm very happy with my new life.

3 weeks after i finished my study, I got a phone call from one company. He asked me to come on that day for an interview session. Unfortunately, I had to turn him down because I never thought it will be too fast like this, and I also already engaged with something that I can't stop straight away. Furthermore, I'm not prepared anything yet because still in holiday mood. Hehe.. =)

On the next next next day, the same company call me once again. He asked me, whether I can made it by today, and if possible he want me to straightly start working on the next day. OMAI~ Never thought that they still interested with me and I would be the lucky one. I just go and met the boss, answer some questions, fill up some forms and the next day, I'm officially can start working. 

Till now, everything went smoothly and I starts to feel comfortable with my working schedule. I learn many new things, met new friends, made some mistakes and learn from it, and that was part of working life.

And as for now my life are just focusing on work, work and work. Nothing is much more important than that...

If there is too much bookings on that day, my table would never be so clean like this.. =)

Example of booking's form.

Me at work.. Peace yaww.. =)