In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

1 week

We never know what GOD had wrote and planned for our life journey till the day comes.

We do not know what are supposed to be our destiny.

Certainly, He knows what is the best for us.

He had arranged our life perfectly.

Surely, He will never burden us with something that we cannot stand and bear to faced it.

What is past is already past and make it as a lesson.

For now, appreciate those person that comes to your life.

I know it's to early to predict the future.

But, try to search any concrete reason to forget about the past and enjoy your life more worthily.

I am happy to know you...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nur Kasih

Sana sini heboh orang asyik cakap pasal filem Nur Kasih.. Bestt sgt keee?

Jadi, pada hari Sabtu yang lepas saya telah isikan hujung minggu saya yang terluang dengan pergi menonton filem tersebut. Walaupun dah hari ketiga filem itu ditayangkan namun orang still berpusu-pusu kot beratur panjang nak tengok cite tuh. Memang hebat betol tamparan cite Nur Kasih ni.. =)

Secara keseluruhannya, saya boleh bagi 10 bintang untuk cite ni. Filem ni adalah kesinambungan daripada cite bersiri yang ditayangkan di televisyen. So, sape-sape yang mengikuti cite ni akan faham bebenorla jalan cite dia macam mana. Memang bestt. Tak rugi datang jauh-jauh untuk tengok filem ni. Mengalir jugakla air mata syawal saya menonton cite ni. Terharu derrrr...

Jadi, pada sape-sape yang belom tengok cite ni saya amat menggalakkan korang-korang pegi tonton cite ni. Toksah banyak cakap. Sumpah, tak rugi.. Huhu...

*Mula berangan nak dapat husband seperti Adam.. ;p

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 down 2 more to go !

For this past few weeks i'm totally busy with my final examination. I don't have enough time to update my blog. And actually i also have not enough time to pampered myself..  =_=

So, for those who had tag me to join a contest i'm so sorry because i can't fulfilled it in this short time. I promise as soon i'm cleared with this examination surely i'll not feel hesitate to join and completing your tag. By the way, thanks for tagging me.. =) 

This semester 6 paper had to be taken. Starting from 27th April till 9th May. I only have 1 or 2 days gap from one paper to another paper. That's makes me feel really burden! I have to stay up till 2 a.m. do some revision then woke up early in the morning on the next day. Anddd this condition continuously almost everyday! If i don't do this, i will not have enough time to covered all chapter. 

Oh, i wish i could be strong.. 2 more paper to go.. Big hope for this semester.. May i could achieve the best pointer!

Tulisss sampai lebam...  =_=