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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have you guys ever noticed that i haven't updated my blog with hot and cold new story nearly almost 2 months? ceitt! acting like i'm a superstar that everybody would eager to know about me. Never mind.

I never thought that this new year, which at the same time lead me to another new semester for me to go through, it would brings me more harder situation to deal with. Besides of the subjects itself becomes more and more tougher to learn, I also have to drop one subject because of exceeding credit hours. Which means this semester i already taken a maximum credit hours that are allowed for every students in each semester. 8 papers to be carry on with 23 credit hours. It such a hard situation for me, don't you think so?

Why i had to drop one subject? Well, it keeps hovering in my mind and this is what i'm going to share with you guys. Previously i'm doing my diploma in Penang. Never crossed in my mind that whenever i pursue my studies there will be a diploma subjects that we had to take and continue learning it when we are doing a degree. Which means we had to take the same subject code but its level are more higher. But that's not a matter. It's just fine with me because I already have the basic so, surely it will be a benefit and more easier for me to score the subject.

The thing that really make me feel pissed off is why in my place I can't continue my previous diploma subject just because they don't have, I repeat, DON'T have the lecturer to teach us. That sounds very silly for me. Sorry to say. Should be no such things happen in such a huge and well known campus. Supposedly, they have enough lectures to teach the students and if don't why do they send us to the branch campus? Why don't they just send us to the main campus that have all the skillful lectures? It makes me really depressed until today.

Due to the unsettled problem, with no choice being offered, starting on the first semester of my degree I had to switch and take other subject as a replacement. Just two of us in the class, me and my bestie because only two of us are from Penang while another classmates taking their diploma in here. So, they have no problems regarding the subject. We had to start it all over again. Starting from level 1 until level 3. So, this would be the last semester for me to learn that subject, code BFR 501. After this adios amigos. Fortunately, everything was going just fine. I'm able to extract and followed the subject very well even though sometimes I had made a mistakes. Hoping that another good result for this semester. Amin.

Chinese New Year's gift.. It inspiring me.. XD


Siti Nur Azlinda Suhada said...

kok ye pun bukala plastik kat tali beg tuh... huhuhu

Alynna said...

xpe ahhh..
bau kedai ehhh..