In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Monday, December 27, 2010

my dear papa, please get well soon

We will always be there for you..
Papa, be strong..
Nothing much i can say ....


dyea irdina said...

sama2 berdoa semoga papa awak cepat pun rindu kat abah dia dah pergi..alfatihah

biella93 said...

semoga papa kamo cepat sembuh . byk2 berdoa k :)

qeen said...

smoge cepat sembuh..amin. :)
follow awk da :D
jenguk2 blog kite!

chemay said...

semuga papa cik alynna cepat sembuh..
amin :)