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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Twins

Because we are still in Hari Raya mood, so, yesterday I took the chance went to my friend's house to visit her twins plus attending her Hari Raya's open house. Just nice. Hehe..

Meet the twins, Aisya Humaira and Aisya Safiyya. Twin girls.

The babies are so small and so cute. I love babies so much and I really want to play with them, but what they all do is just sleeping all the time. Never mind, because both of you are not awake, so auntie can hugs and kiss you as much as I want. Hihi. And that time, it makes me wondering how do my babies will look alike in the future and can I get twins too. If don't mind 4 babies at one time. Can't wait. Haha. Okay, stop dreaming.

 Dukung babies session. Need to practice moreee. Tehee ~ Oh ya, second from the right is the mother of these two little cute twins.

 Because of the baby keep moving while I'm holding her so, I pass her to my other friend. Practice girls, practice. Hihi..

 Before went back, snap 1 picture together. 13 years of friendship. Take care girls.. ^_^

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Tyra Ali said...

aikk..k.alynn dah pk how ur baby look alike...