In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

because you always there for me

I'm quite lucky to be surrounding by an amazing and lovely people..

I have a family that always showered me with their love..

Always pampered me, easily fulfilled my needs without any excuses..

Always tolerant with me even though sometimes i know it was my mistake that i deny to admit it..

Stubborn girl that will never change.. =_=

But deep in my heart, i'm really grateful to be given such a cool and caring family in my life.

I have a bunch of friends that always support and never give up to cheer me up when i end up with problem..

Makes silly jokes just to make me laugh..

Always lend their ear to listen to my story..

I know, I always repeated the same story but i will not satisfied till that matter solve..

Lately, i faced up with so many pressure..

I feel so give up.. :'(

I know i must be strong..

Life is not easier..

Life is treating us to be more matured.. 

Bestie: Thanks coz never tired to lend your ear for me. I know you feel bored to always repeated the same advices because till end i still won't listen to it.. -_-

Penang friends: Mazza, Fiza, Iera, Mija, Myra, Azri, Che Wan, Gb, Wak and many moreee thanks coz always keep updated with my life. Never stop and bored to text and give me a call. Talking on the phone, listening your cheer voice, really makes my pain paid off!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Role Play

Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Thanks to GOD, i manage to pass through the busiest week for this semester. Yesterday was my last test and my last class i have to attended. I've done going through all the test, finish up the assignment and also performed well in my individual nor group presentation.

Now, let the lecturers taking their part do all the marking papers and evaluation on our presentation. Hoping that i will get a high carry marks so that, it will be easier for me to get a good result for my final exam. Wish meee... =)

This semester also was my last time taking French subject. After this no more language subject have to be taken. No more "bonjour.. merci beaucoup.. a bientot.. comment vous vous s'appelle comment.. salut.. au revoir" and so on...

Surely, i will miss all those things. Same goes to Japan language. Even though i'm in French class sometimes i made a mistake by translating the words in Japan not in French.. So, don't you agree with me that Japan words are much more easier to memorize rather than French words?? You better do.. Haha...

My last task for French subject was we are required to do a role play in French. Which means, we have to record a video. Each person will have their own characteristic. Some sorts like drama.

Feel very funny when i repeatedly watching the video. I cannot believe that i manage to be serious and act like a good actress whereby, on that time actually i'm controlling myself from chuckle. It's veryyy hard. Believe me.. Hihihi..  

Presenting our group work. There are 5 members in my group. Nice experience working with you guys. Hope we got a good grade for this subject.

The image a little bit blur and the voice are not very clear. Never mind, we are not a professional crew to have all those superb props because we just record it using NOKIA E75 but, nice try, rite?? Feel free to give a comment. I'll be glad to hear that from you guys... ^__^

Monday, April 4, 2011


Phewwwww, tarik nafas dalam-dalam.. Tapi tak semestinya semua ini sudah berakhir. Oh tidakk! Dapat merasa sedikit kelegaan sebab arini saja 3 test dah lepas. Oh yeahhh! =)

Harini ada 3 test termasuklah test MUET.. Hehe.. Tu lah time diploma dulu tak nak amik sekarang baru la terhegeh-hegeh nak amik. Format baru untuk MUET pun dah lupa macam mana. Jadi, tadi tawakal jela pegi amik exam.. Heeee~

Pukul 10.58 pagi lagi dah ada kat tempat exam. Exam start pukul 11.00 pagi. Kira sampai awal la jugak tu kan?? Hihi...

Harini test MUET untuk speaking sahaja. Untuk listening, reading dan writing akan bersambung pulak pada 16 April. Kenapa jadual macam tu eak? Memang tak boleh habiskan dalam masa 1 hari yerrr.. Lambatlah saya nak cuti study week macam ni... -__-

Okay, cuba korang teka saya jadi candidate yang ke berapa tadi?? CANDIDATE A okehh.. =(  Nervous gilerr. Masa 2 minit untuk sediakan point memang tak cukup bagi saya. Baru je dapat tulis 4 point lepas tu examiner tu habaq " Ok, candidate A, your time is over. You may start your point now"... Errrr.. 

Mula-mula start memang okay. Tapi setengah minit sebelum habis masa, I was just like " Ermmm, Aaahh, Silent Mode". Huh! geram sebab tengah-tengah present tiba-tiba blurr.. 

Untuk second punya task apa lagi REVENGE time lahh. Habis semua kena serang dengan saya. Saya dengan bestie conquer the discussion.. Nak dengar sangat saya bagi point kan. Amik kau! HAHA. Suka hati saya sebab dapat cakap banyak-banyak.. =D

Satu dah lepas.. 3 lagi perlu dilalui.. Doakan saya dapat band 4 pun jadilah.. Aminnn.. Teheeee~