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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 down 2 more to go !

For this past few weeks i'm totally busy with my final examination. I don't have enough time to update my blog. And actually i also have not enough time to pampered myself..  =_=

So, for those who had tag me to join a contest i'm so sorry because i can't fulfilled it in this short time. I promise as soon i'm cleared with this examination surely i'll not feel hesitate to join and completing your tag. By the way, thanks for tagging me.. =) 

This semester 6 paper had to be taken. Starting from 27th April till 9th May. I only have 1 or 2 days gap from one paper to another paper. That's makes me feel really burden! I have to stay up till 2 a.m. do some revision then woke up early in the morning on the next day. Anddd this condition continuously almost everyday! If i don't do this, i will not have enough time to covered all chapter. 

Oh, i wish i could be strong.. 2 more paper to go.. Big hope for this semester.. May i could achieve the best pointer!

Tulisss sampai lebam...  =_=


Siti Nur Azlinda Suhada said...

soalan subjektif ke?
makanya lain kali jgn study last minute...(ingatan utk diri sendiri juga)
n jgn amalkn stay up
tidur kena cukup...
okeh bebeh! (^_^)

Alynna said...

subjektif belaka..
xmaen dah objektif or true false nihh..
tQ sis! ^_^

Bird Fizousz said...

alamak, dh lewat la ni..bru nk wish gud luck utk xpe la, ade lg paper blum abis kn??gud luck k..haha..;)

Alynna said...

sempat je lagi nak wish..
tQ! tQ!

anastasheeka said...

Good luck :)