In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do I Care ?

It's not easy for us to satisfy the hearts of all people, and not easy for those people to satisfy our own hearts.

Not everyone likes us, and not everyone is happy with what we have. I love to make friends with many people and for those who want to be friends with me you are most MOST welcome, but for those who are very envious with me you can move your butt away.

Is there really exist people that we can called and be our true friends? I have many friends, and so far I am really really happy to have them by my side even though sometimes have certain people be friends with us just because want to take advantages of what we have. As long they are not ruining my life then i'll just ignore them.

I'm writing this is not referring to any specific person, but it's general. I just want to express what i feel and want them to know me better before you'd thinking of adding me as one of your friends list. I can be a very good friends towards you but I also can be an annoying friends if you try to betray me. I had faced many types of people and i love to meet many people so, that's why i'm in this hotelier's field. Like people always said " berkawan biar seribu berkasih biar satu ". =)

To my friends and who are recently came up in my life and become my friends, thank you so much for loving me and being part of my life. I'm really appreciated with what I have. It's really nice to know and have sporting friends like you guys. Cheer me up when i was in the bad mood, sharing all sweet bitter memories together and always be there when I need. Friends till death, okay? =)

Hyep! Tanx for being my friends...

* don't blame me for being too emotional today, blame my PMS visit... =(


Siti Nur Azlinda Suhada said...

wah, gerek gak english ko...
tp nape tiba2 pepatah tu dlm BM lak?
+ apasal announce psl PMS ko tu?

Alynna said...

pepatah tuh xtaw dlm english ape...

nurul aida said...

tbe2 ak terharu..haha
ade x ak cheer ko b4 nie kui3..

Alynna said...

pandai tak ak mengayat..
ko cheer ak?
jap2, nak pikir sat..