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Monday, September 3, 2012

Outing with girlfriend

6 years relationship and still counting.. :)

Before raya, we had planned to hang out together someday. So, yesterday was the day. We fulfill our promise and we met. Like always, when we met each other, we can't stop talking. Nothing can distract us, especially me. Ehehe. Along the way, we keep on chatting, updates about our recent life. Talked about carrier, raya's celebration, raya's outfit, family and also about future. Well, we are normal girls.. :)

But, without activities, the outing would not be so much fun, rite ? So, we should add some fun into it. We decided to watch a movies. Andd the lucky one goes to ......

What can I say, this is a MUST watch movies. No regret. Full of action and thrilling. But the saddest part is, one of the hero dies. But why must be the handsome one. WHY ? Hurm, pity Billy.. :p

After movies, we continue on chatting while walking around the mall, enter a shop, see, hold and laugh on cutest things that we found. Haha. Silly us.

And before we ended up the day, we dropped by at Ikea to enjoyed their delicious meatball. Nyum nyum..

It was a tiring day but I had a great time with her..

Waiting for our next dating. Soon. Nak pergi makan burger besaq saiz king size pulak. Don't forget yaa. Hihi.. 


MIsz MMA said...

comey eh... heheh

Nisa Greennnpanda said...'s a must-watch movie eh? I'll tell my dad about it, hehe.. >_<

btw, thanks for the wish~!! ^_^

Faizal @ Ejai said...

sedapnya meatball tu x penah po saya makan..huhuh

Everything's Everythings said...

Wahhh MUST watch movies ah?
Sounds like a good movie,
even I doesn't like movie about wars that much xD

May your friendship last forever inshaAllah~

Fiza Suhaimi said...

comelll nyee.. hopefully your friendship last forever kayy.. InsyaAllah :)