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Thursday, July 22, 2010

" hEpy hEpy swEet 22 ! "

Hepy burfday to me!

Bertambah 1 lagi angka pd umurku tp sy masih muda lagi, okeh. huhu...

I wish to be more matured, have a great year ahead, become more lovely and more successful in my life...=)

Tanx to my dear bestie and my lovely classmate yg susah2 arrange surprise burfday party specially for me...

Saya sgt2 teruja and terharu...=(

Tanx babe! lov u ollz!

To my dear papa and mama terima kasih x terhingga coz da 22 tahun besarkan saya walaupun kdg2 sy sgt nakal and suka bt papa and mama marah. But truly deeply in my heart sy sgt sygkn korang. Korang sgt sporting and u guyss are de bez parents i ever had...

To my lovely sister, little brother n little sister thank you so much for de wishes. Really mish u ollz. Jangan lupe bg hadiah besar2 nt, okeh. huhu...

Okay, here are some photos of de celebration...

Let these pic do all de talking...=)

hepy burfday alynna!

make a wish gurl...

sayangnye nk potong kek yg chumel nie...;P

me with my great bestie. frenz forever, okay. =)

tanx my darlingsss!

And these are some present that i get from someone that i love...=)

this is mr.bean. sgt chumel and surely i will hug him everytime i sleep. tanx nurul!

from my new fren in dungun...tanx te' and asma!

ini miss pinky yg sgt cute. even kite da x contact2 tp sy akn jg dy dgn baek. tanx him!

okay, diz is not my besday present but it is from sumone that used to be special in my life previously. i still kept this ring with me and even until now jari i xmuat pn ag nk pkai ring ni =). but it is juz okay. honestly, i da pon maafkan 'u'. tanx 4 de wish. let bygones be bygones, okay? =)

* heal the past, live the present and dream the future...=)

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