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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day with Baby Arsyad

Introducing little Baby Arsyad. So cuteee, isn't it ? :)

He is the only son of my sister's best friend. After he's 1 year old, now only I can met him. So now I've become auntie. OHMAI ~ I can't believe. Hehe..

Last Saturday, because of Wesak Day so, I can claim for public holiday. Thank god that this month my agency are not so busy and we are not facing with high occupancy so my boss let me off that day. Weehoo ~ 

So, on that day, my sister and her best friend are planning to attend their friends' wedding ceremony and I'm just accompanying them. Like always. Hehe.. But, Alhamdulillah, kak Miha had bring along her cute son so, this is my chance to know him more closer. Heee ~

You know what, all the day I'm just busy playing with her son. Baby Arsyad are much more attractive to me than the newlyweds. Harhar..

To my one and only sister : So, when is it your turn hah? Can't wait to have my own nephew lorhh.. Huehueh..

Met kak Miha, lovely mother of Baby Arsyad.. :)

I really love kids so much. Don't cry sayang. Let auntie hugs you for a while my dear..

Already mish you lah Baby Arsyad. When is it we can have a dates together, again ? :p

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