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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second Convocation


Praise to ALLAH, now I'm officially a Bachelor's Degree ( Hons ) holder. These past 2 years did taught me a lot. Seriously, a lot. New environment, new culture, new level of education, new lecturers, new love friends and many more. Different with diploma, degree is much more challenging and sometimes killing me with all those research paper. Urgghh, i hate thesis. That's why I'm still in consideration to pursue with Master level, because I know Master level is all about thesis. So, KIV first lorhh. Hehe.. 

Many thanks to all my lectures that really do shape me until what I am today. May GOD repay your kindness.. :)

To my lovely papa, mama and siblings, thanks for spending your valuable time by attending my convocation ceremony. Thanks for always be by my side, support me and never tired to pray for me. And not forgotten thanks also for the beautiful flowers. InsyaALLAH, this would not be the last one. So, please, pleasee, always give me some spirit and encourage me to continue with Master, before I change my mind to end up by getting married. Harhar.. :p 

To my beloved friends, Congratulations Guys ! We made itat last. Our pain for these past 2 years are finally paid off. Wish you all, all the best for your future. Do always keep in touch. Kawen jangan lupa jemput ! Huhu.. 

So, as usual, let these pictures help me describing my convocation ceremony. Enjoicee ! :)

Last but no least, this fluffy pillow was given from my boss right after I come back to start working after a long leave as my convocation gift. Wahh, I'm speechless. Thanks boss. Why you are so sweet, huh ? Okay okay, I promise to work hard and contribute something to the company and if you don't mind, please also increase my salary for the next month. Can ahhh ? Hakhak.. :)

* Some pictures taken from Kak Long Hajah Norizan's camera. Credit to her ! :)

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kucin'_brutal said...

Congratulation alynna..
kte sme2 dah konvo...;))