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Saturday, September 29, 2012

First phase done !

Hye dentist ...


Yes, I'm still insane..  =_=

Today is my first appointment with the dentist. Yes, finally, I'm determined to wear the braces. Finally, after 2 years been fully used to gather all the courage.

All this while, I keep on observing people and doing some research about it. Keep asking, how was it ? Does it hurts ? How many teeth need to be pull out ? How was the pain ? Is it tolerable ? Does it hurts ? Keep on asking the same question but with different people. Yes, I'm such a coward person when it comes into word " dentist " because the dentist are really scary to me. Trust me. * Are they ghost ? * +_+

So today, one phase done ! It's not that bad actually plus the doctor is very nice. He keep comforting me and keep asking whether I am okay. Must be because from my face he can see that I really scared of him. Like obviously. Haha. * Shy * Don't worry, Alhamdulillah, I'm okayy. Still alive ! Kehkeh..

For sure the pain is still there, but for me it is acceptable. Yaaa, I've become a strong girl now ! Jyeahh ~ * big applause *

Waiting for my next appointment. Next 2 weeks. But for now you can call me " Halimah Rongak ".. =_=

So, now, this is my endless sweetheart. Be nice to me yaa.. :)

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dhiashahida said...

dulu saat mengerikan ms jmpa dentist la..huhuhu