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Friday, October 12, 2012

What are friends for ?

If someone share the same interest ( cars, motorbikes ) with you, what does it means ?

If someone secretly be a silent reader of your blog, what does it means ?

If someone really take note even on the smallest things like your favorite color, what does it means ?

If someone always likes and comments any updates on your facebook wall, what does it means ?

If someone know what your likes and dislikes, what does it means ?

If someone still remember what you has told a year ago, what does it means ?

And if someone always remember to send you a good luck text whenever you wish to do something, what does it means ?


But the saddest part is, you always pretend like you have a chronic disease ( Alzheimer ). Keep asking me the same thing even though I've told you so many times before. Urghh, really makes me feel pissed off ! Boy will always be a boy. Haha.. 

Thanks a bunch friend ! Terharu makk. Haha..

" Kalau tersalah tulis, kita masih boleh padam. Tapi memories, once dah jadi sebahagian daripada hidup kita sampai bila-bila pun ianya takkan boleh dihilangkan. Makan lah seberapa banyak semut sekalipun untuk melupakannya "

* Hey you ! Yes you, the one that I used to call " pakcik ", I know you were copying those words above as your facebook's status but at least, please lah quote it under my name. Don't you know how hard is it for me to come out with all those sentences and plus, don't you feel proud to have this " jiwang " girl as your friend ? bhahaha.. okbye ~ :p

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