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Friday, October 19, 2012

Babang's Convocation Day

Unpaid model. Annoying much, hah ? Kehkeh..

So, 3 days ago was my brother's convocation day. We depart from KL, one day earlier so that all of my family members will get an enough rest for tomorrow's event, my brother's big day.

And homestay Taman Pulai Indah, 15 minutes away from the main campus, will be our temporary house for  that 1 night stay.

The house was sooo big and it have 4 rooms with 3 bathrooms inside.

The room was soooo comfy..

The kitchen.

The living room.

So, the next day, with refreshing minds and body, 5 of us were heading to babang's campus. Yeehaa ~

Because of 2 persons per family ( normally parents ) was allowed to enter the main hall for the convocation ceremony, so, me with my sister and my younger sister, just waited for them from the outside of the hall.  

And while waiting, just this type of activity we can think of to do...

Camwhoring sampai lebam. Heee ~

Congrats babang !! One step done !! 2 more to go !! Hikhik..

Kitorang berempat nih langsung takde iras, kan ? Anak sapo lah nih ? Hihi..

Dear babang, till we meet again. Same advice from us, take care, study smart, solat jangan lupa and don't play-play naaa. Much love ~ ^_^

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