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Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Best Boyfriend's Wedding !

Mohd Azri Bin Abdul Aziz. One of my closest friend during Diploma in Penang. He's kinda perfectionist plus a fussy person and maybe that's why I can get along with him pretty better because I like challenges. Hehe. 

I still remember how was our friendship 3 years back, and this relationship starts different when I pursue my Degree at UiTM Dungun which obviously separate us apart. 

During dip, we always be in one group in finishing assignments, you will be the leader and I will always be the follower, hehe, having meals and sometimes went for shopping together ! And I still can't forget your words " Penat doh gi shopping dengan korang nih ". We are girls, dude. So, what do you expect ? Hihi. Actually I'm giving you a training course so that, you can be the best shopping-mate towards your wife later on after you get married. See, howw nice I am. Hihi. 

Riri, finally you are married ! With the woman that you loved the most. I am very very happy for you.. ^__^ 

May it be the start of a wonderful and exciting life together.

So, no more " play-play " yaa, because big responsibility are on your shoulder right now starting the day of your solemnization. Wish you all the best in your marriage life and please be a good, loyal and loving husband.. :)

Btw riri and pia, cepat-cepat produce baby2 comel untuk auntie eziey naa.. Kehkeh..

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