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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

delayed entry

On the previous entry, i have promise to you guys that i will update the new entry regarding the trip that i go last week as soon as i come back to Dungun, rite? I'm so sorry i couldn't make it as promised because i'm too tired plus i'm waiting for my dearest girlfriend Arieja to upload all the pictures from her camera to her lappy. That reminds me to get my own digital camera for easier used later on so that this problem will not arise again later on. I'm craving for the latest NIKON COOLPIX. The features are pretty awesome. But i have NO money.. T__T

Never mind, lets get back to the main topic. We all depart from UiTM Dungun campus early in the morning around 8 am. First destiny as soon we arrive Kuala Lumpur is RUMAH ORANG-ORANG TUA at Cheras. Many things we have learned there. I have chances to meet all those old folks and listen to their story. They look so excited when they see us. That's makes me really miss my mama and papa. Ehehehe..

On the second day, we go to the Sheriton Imperial Hotel. It was 5 star rating hotel with 28 storey building if i'm not mistaken. We feel very welcomed. Their staff treat us very nice. We had a tour in the hotel and it was very fun. What can i do is just snap snap and snap pictures in every location they bring us. heeee~

Those pictures will tell you guys what i have experienced from the trip. Bear with meeee.. ^__^


Depart at 7.30 am from the Dungun campus..

Look inside the bag. I woke up early in the morning with my bestie just to prepare and bring 'cucur ikan bilis' as our breakfast.. -__-

 Arrive at Rumah Orang-Orang Tua, Cheras around 2 pm..

Look how excited and happy they are welcoming us..


Remain SMILE even though feel veryyy sleepy.. ;p

Having a visit to Sheriton Imperial Hotel and have a nice moments meeting En Azlin, Training Manager. He such an awesome and sweet man.. 

Our lunch being sponsored by the hotel.. 

Taking some pictures around the lobby area..

Angels of HMB 5HA with their beloved lecturer.. =)


 Spend time window shopping at Sunway Piramid, Petaling Jaya.. Yeehaaa!

 Look at all the beautiful dresses behind me. Really coax me to purchase them.. huh! 

Visiting Nose outlet is a must! 

Watching people playing ice skating. Till now didn't get the courage to try it.. =(

 Ending the visit by having lunch at Simply Penang Restaurant with my dearest sister. She kindly came to the Sunway Piramid just to met her lovely sister.. Thanks kakak! ngeee~

p/s: These was just a part of the trip photos.. 


Siti Nur Azlinda Suhada said...

ahakzz...i mmg suka makanan hotel...nyum3... ;)

Alynna said...

best gilerr makanan yang dia serve..
sedap hingga menjilat sudu..