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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mix & Match

Happy. Nervous. Excited.

Early tomorrow morning, me along with my classmate will be heading to Shah Alam as one of our group project under subject Club Management.

We will be stay there for 3 days and 2 nights and Intec. section 17 will be our second home along the trip.

I've already done packing all my necessary needs after 2 hours. Yup, 2 hours! Can you imagine? Huahuahua. Like usual before start packing I will be a little bit doubt and confuse on what i've to pack and bring. I'm scared if i forgot to bring the thing that i need the most. I also too concerned about my suitable outfit. How do i look?

Each of us are required to wear a formal attire because we will visit a well known club in Kuala Lumpur. As usual advices from the lecturer "we as a student of UiTM should bring a good image by wearing a proper and polite attire that reflect us as the student and bla bla bla". =)

Because of that requirement i rummage and digging all the clothing that i have. I take out everything from my closet and put it on the bed. I start thinking and select which outfit that look nice and polite on me. I do not have time to buy a new clothes. What can i do is just 'mix and match' procedure. I become a contract 'model' without being paid for a while. Hehe..

Do pray for our safety journey. I will straightly update the new entry about this trip as soon I come back to Dungun. Oh yeahhh! =)

Part of my outfit.. Lets be trendy gurl! =)


bella said...

kamu cam saye..take a long time to choose the suitable outfit.sometimes i think that im too fussy,,hehe..kan seng pki je ape2..hehe..btw thanks for the visited..i visited yours back

Shikio Firra said...


gud luck to u.. bawa balik ole2 yah.. hehehe.. ^^

Alynna said...

Bella: Hehe.. kita bukan golongan yang fussy cuma kita terlalu concern tentang penampilan.. penampilan kan melambangkan imej kita. Tak gitu? hehe.. btw, tanx dear for drop by and give some comment.. =)

Alynna said...

Shikio: Sureee.. i sempat grab bracelet and necklace yang comey-comey je.. rambang mata tengok sume benda cantik-cantik.. Hehe.. Tanx dear for reading.. =)