In life, ALLAH doesn't give you the person you want, instead he gives you the person you need... to love you... hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life... =)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday was my last day working at travel company. Yes, I'm resigning for a brighter future and for the greener pastures. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be part of the team. I've learned a lot. It is indeed a great pleasure working with you guys. Truthfully, I will miss those moment we tease and laugh together. Every morning we would greet each other using Persian language even though you guys always tease me saying that my pronounciation is funny. Haha. At least I give it a try, rite ? Well, that's part of learning.. :)

Anddd, thank you so much dear boss for this pretty shoes. Looks like you can read my mind that I really need a new pair of shoes for this coming raya. Heee ~ It's really nice, thank you, thank you.. :)

Till we meet again. InsyaALLAH.. :)

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